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About IPMS

Institute of Psycho Management Studies (IPMS) has come into existence under the aegis of Prabodh Educational Trust (PET), which is duly registered charitable trust, vide No. E-1616, as per law of the land. It has been started with the noble mission of propagating the knowledge and awareness of Counselling and Psychotherapy as a branch of study. This discipline assumes greater importance in the present-day scenario where mental trauma and illnesses are on the rise. IPMS is committed to make courses, at various levels, available to anybody who desires to develop insight in this discipline of studies.

Institute of Psycho Management Studies has devised courses to suit the need of those individuals, who want to learn and update their knowledge of this important discipline of studies at their own pace and convenience. The courses are available at postgraduate (PG) level and can be pursued up to the Doctorate (PhD) level. We also offer short-term Certificate and Diploma courses in Psychotherapy and Counselling. These courses are available through various modes of learning. The mediums of writing examination are Marathi, Hindi and English.

Dr. Prabodh, a renowned psychotherapist from Central India, is the Founder Director of IPMS. He is supported by competent practising professionals in the field of Counselling and Psychotherapy.

The uniqueness of IPMS lies in its teaching methodology. Its courses are learner-centric, wherein the complete focus is on the learner’s curiosity and his/her interests. The courses are tailor-made and are in accordance with level of absorption of the students. It enables students to discover and unearth the causes of human behavior and develop insights in a practical way.

IPMS conducts regular workshops which are focused to give insights to the participants and create awareness about the transient psychological phenomena in society. For the benefit of those who are not inclined to join long-term courses like diplomas, IPMS arranges regular interactions, conferences, seminars, etc. It also organizes Guest Lectures wherein the experts of their respective fields interact with the students to provide them with practical and first hand information, so as to enable them to develop an approach for therapy.

IPMS believes that no knowledge can be complete if it does not offer any contribution to the societal evolution. IPMS, therefore, provides students a platform to help & learn from the society. It organizes for visits to old age homes, orphanages, schools, hospitals, family courts, industries, etc. IPMS in collaboration with Aadhar, gives its students to observe and learn the practical process of counselling.

IPMS has earned a distinctive place in entire central India for its proactive and creative methods of imparting education.

About Director

Dr Prabodh is the Founder Director of Institute of Psycho Management Studies (IPMS), Nagpur for about a decade now. He is a versatile personality with huge experience of holding managerial positions in public sector, teaching in reputed institutes, running NGOs, conducting corporate trainings, etc. He has vast clinical experience of Psychotherapy and Counselling, and has served reputed organizations like Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and many others as Professional Counsellor. He is also the founder president of Association of Counsellors & Psychotherapists, Nagpur (ACPN).

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