Institute of Psycho Management Studies


  1. Which all courses in Counselling or Psychotherapy are available with IPMS?

    All the courses with IPMS, along with eligibility, duration etc. are available on the institute's website: Please follow the link.

  2. If I am not staying in Nagpur, how will I appear for exams or submit assignments or other course work?

    For students not staying in Nagpur, we send the exam question papers and assignments over email. Student has to courier back the answer sheets and other work by post.

  3. After acquisition of qualification from IPMS, can I use it to apply for any further education in India or abroad in future?

    IPMS is a private autonomous institute. To apply to any course in India or abroad, you will need to check with the University/Regulator there. We can provide any information needed about IPMS to do so.

  4. If I take my education with IPMS, will I be able to start a counselling centre and practice anywhere in India?

    Yes. You can do that. We have many students who are successfully practising.

  5. Does IPMS provide membership of or association to professional groups related to Counselling or Psychotherapy?

    After you successfully complete courses with IPMS, you can apply for a professional membership of Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapist, Nagpur (ACPN) for professional interaction and update.