Institute of Psycho Management Studies

About Director

Dr Prabodh is the Founder Director of Institute of Psycho Management Studies (IPMS), Nagpur. He is a versatile personality with huge experience of holding managerial positions in public sector, teaching in reputed institutes, running NGOs, conducting corporate trainings, etc. He has vast clinical experience of Psychotherapy and Counselling, and has served reputed organizations like Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and many others as Professional Counsellor. He is also the founder president of Association of Counsellors & Psychotherapists, Nagpur (ACPN).

His academic achievements make him stand apart from the rest. He is MSc, DBM, MBA (Marketing), LLB, MS, PhD and DSc.

His experiential learning makes him distinct personality in the field of psychotherapy. He is Master Hypnotist and Past-Llife Regression Therapist. He underwent spiritual trainings/ processes like Vipassana, Art of Living, Siddha Samadhi Yog, Siddha Healing, Prati Prasav Sadhana, etc.

Today, he is most sought after Spiritual Psychotherapist in Central India. He has conducted several workshops on ‘Spirituality & Life Integration’ to spread the awareness about Spiritual Science.

He is a pioneer in offering courses/ training in Counselling & Psychotherapy through Institute of Psycho Management Studies (IPMS) as director since its inception.

Message from Director

Dear Students,
Despite the growth in science and technology leading to higher standard of living, accompanied by modern comforts and conveniences, we do not see commensurate happiness, harmony and peace in the world. The development seems to have revolutionized human life at the material level only.

Education has a responsibility of safeguarding the present generation from the ill effects of lopsided development resulting from material pursuits. Education has a major role in building the character of an individual, which in turn develops the character of the society and the nation he lives in.

We have identified and decided to address the need of propagating knowledge of counseling techniques and psychotherapeutic skills through academic interventions.

Our Slogan is “ तमसो मा ज्योतिर्गमय ” journey from the darkness of ignorance to the light of awareness and knowledge.

I am sure the students of IPMS are going to serve our society by kindling hope and offering help.

With Greetings
Dr. Prabodh
M.Sc, MBA, LLB, MS, PhD, D.Sc.

Our Mission
Our Mission is to help build a society free from mental worries, stresses and strains. A healthy mind would enable a body to be healthy.