Institute of Psycho Management Studies

About Prabodh Educational Trust

Prabodh Educational Trust came into existence to complement and supplement the educational system to achieve its holistic purpose. The purpose of education is to enable an individual to manifest divinity which is inherent in each one of us. Education should cause growth on all dimensions like physical, material, psychological, emotional, relational, social and spiritual. In short, education should help one to live healthy, happy and harmonious life in this world.

With the aforesaid vision in mind, the trust has created the following three arms to interact with the education system and intervene in the identified domain:

  1. ‘Prabodh Academy’ targets young boys and girls to help them enjoy the learning process. The mission is to make education entertaining i.e. Edutainment. Students are given conducive environment to explore their interests and aptitude through formal educational inputs. This results in voluntary participation by students to develop and evolve on emotional and social dimensions over and above academic performance.

  2. ‘Institute of Psyco Management Studies’ was formed to equip those who are sensitive to become competent and qualified counsellors. Today, our society is in need of thousands of Counsellors and Therapists to meet the growing demand in this area. The alumni of IPMS are envisioned to play the role of catalyst to improve mental hygiene and mental health in our society.

  3. ‘SwayamShodh’ has emerged as an NGO with an urge to give back to the society by anchoring one on own self. SwayamShodh is a Spiritual University which encourages everyone to explore themselves. The belief is self-knowledge would enable one to discover oneself which in effect will help an individual recover lost health, happiness and harmony because of his/her ignorance.

Thus, Prabodh Educational Trust is contributing in the field of education by creation of Academy, Institute and University under its supervision.